Light up, with a smile

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Attitude is probably one of the most important aspects of life which can make or break your day. Each of us has the opportunity to choose what attitude we are going to adopt and apply in our daily lives. This will significantly determine whether you will have a pleasant or unpleasant day. The beauty is that God has made it …

The Power of His Words

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Written by Georgia Györi As a newly appointed sub-editor, I have been building the habit of double checking meanings of words in the reports that I need to edit. This is necessary for me to fully comprehend the sometimes alien words being used, as well as better understand what the author is trying to say to his/her audience. The other …

Remember to remember

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There are many ways that we remember. We take photos, we buy souvenirs, we journal. Songs and movies bring back memories, even certain foods can have memories attached to them

Why should I fast and How?

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Fasting is a feast. Fasting is all about eating! It is about ingesting the Word of God, the beauty of God, the presence of God, the blessings of God. Why should we fast and what is the correct way of fasting?What are the benefits of fasting?

Change is Hard, Messy and Gorgeous

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Change can be exciting and terrifying at the same time. It can feel like being on a runaway train. You can see it happening but you cannot stop or jump off it. When the Lord is in it, the destination is gorgeous. But what are you supposed to do in the hard and messy stage of change?

Finding solid ground when anxiety hits

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Anxiety can begin with the two simple words ‘what if’, and can send you tumbling down a spiral of irrational thoughts, making you feel like everything is out of control. Grounding helps by bringing you back to the reality that things are under control.