What is Faith Promise?

Faith Promise is a fund to which our Hatfield community gives in faith and is directed towards bringing real change across the street and across the globe. It is Hatfield’s mission fund. Faith Promise was birthed in the late 70s from our church’s calling to share the hope and love of Christ with our city, our country, and the nations of the world, fulfilling our part in the great commission. By giving your Faith Promise, we can make a life-changing impact through our Hatfield Initiatives, Partner Ministries and Missionaries. You can contribute through a monthly contribution or a once-off donation.

Are you ready to make a faith pledge?

Ready to make a faith promise?

NPO Reg. no. 029-910-NPO

Hatfield Christian Church, a registered religious organisation, administers the Faith Promise Fund. Your Faith Promise donation is not tax-deductible.


Home-grown projects started right here in our own Hatfield community.

Contact our team for more information about our Hatfield Initiatives.


Our Partner Ministries bring real change to areas across the full spectrum of need.

Hatfield provides a spiritual covering and volunteer base, and Faith Promise funds some of our Partner Ministry projects.

These are registered NPOs, financially and operationally independent of Hatfield, who partner with us in varying capacities to bring social change.

They serve in the following areas: Families, children, youth and the aged, addictions and brokenness, evangelism to specific interest groups and biblical justice.


Reaching the nations through those specifically called to their frontlines across the globe.

People called from Hatfield to different parts of the world and missionaries from abroad who serve within the Tshwane municipal area. They impact the following countries and geographical areas: The Middle East, Russia, Armenia, Southeast Asia, Lesotho, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

Two of our missionary families live in high-risk countries, and so their details are not listed.

Faith Promise also supports mission projects and outreach trips to support our missionaries.

Contact our team for more information.


Thanks to YOU as you pledge to the Faith Promise fund, our Hatfield Initiatives, Partner Ministries, and Missionaries can help thousands of struggling people across the street and across the globe. Have you made your Faith Promise yet? Start your journey today!