Our whole-life discipleship approach is based on Jesus saying, “Go and make disciples and I will build my church.” We believe that where discipleship is the focus, community becomes naturally essential. So start your discipleship growth journey with us today.

Have you found your church home?

Life Changers

Life Changers is a course that helps you start your discipleship journey and settle into our family.

You’ll meet some of our pastors on the journey and learn more about being a Hatfield Christian Church member. Get to know our church’s beliefs, values, and vision and mission.

Man getting baptized


Baptism is an essential milestone in a disciple’s life. It is a moment to mark your death to self and coming alive in Christ. It’s a declaration to the world, a public expression of our faith. Even Jesus was baptised.

Are you ready to take this faith step?

Child Dedication

Are you a Hatfield Christian Church member who wants to raise your child(ren) in the ways of the Lord? Commit your child(ren) to God as we pray for His grace and wisdom in discipling your family as a parent.

Hatfield Courses



The Money Course

Are you feeling the pinch of life’s increasing expenses? The Money Course is an engaging online course that simplifies the complexities of managing your money and empowers you with practical tools.

While we can’t promise to have all the answers, the course is designed to make a tangible impact on your financial well-being. So take your first steps towards financial freedom and steward your resources with purpose.

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Life Training School

Our Life Training School, or LTS for short, presented by our Hatfield Leadership Academy and Hope Centre, offers you the opportunity to experience the father heart of God. It provides a unique discipleship opportunity, strengthened by one-on-one prayer ministry. God’s unconditional love is the central theme, and we explore how this plays out in our relationships with Him, ourselves, others and the world around us.

Sunday Bible Study

Do you wish to deepen your understanding of God’s Word for everyday application? Journey with the Hatfield Leadership Academy Team through a textual study of various Bible books for solid interpretation and application in our daily lives. All ages and levels are welcome, at no cost to you.

Sundays | 9:00 to 9:45 | OnLINE and onSITE

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Hope Centre Courses

Becoming One

For couples looking to get married and base their marriages on godly principles.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 14 February-27 March; 24 April-5 June; 7 August-18 September (In person)
  • 16 October-27 November (Online)

The Marriage

For married couples looking for tools to build a healthy marriage and strong connection – or restore their relationship.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 8 July-19 August (Online)

Preparation for Parenting

Based on the belief that God is a God of order, Preparation for Parenting brings hope to the tired and bewildered parents looking for an alternative to sleepless nights and fussy babies.

Toddler-hood Transition

(For parents with babies 18 – 36 months)

Protecting the innocence of Childhood

There is no faster way to rob a child of the innocence of childhood than inappropriate sex education. So let us help equip your child/ren’s innocence. This four-part series discusses the practical how-tos of sex education and much more.

Parenting from the Tree of Life

The formation of a child’s heart, mind and character require sensitivity, understanding and a life-giving environment. This course equips parents to shape their child/ren’s moral qualities.

Life in the middle years

From a growth and developmental standpoint, the middle years (eight to 12) is a period in which children begin the long process of metamorphosis. This course equips parents with knowledge and understanding to help make wise training decisions during this critical transition phase.

Single and Parenting

For single parents wanting to improve their parenting skills and better navigate the pressures of raising children alone.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 5 August-28 October (Online)


For those mourning and struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 28 July-20 October (Online)


For those going through a divorce or separation, or even just considering it.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 24 July-16 October (Online)

Care for children of divorce

Divorce is hard and uniquely difficult for the children involved. If your child is struggling in the aftermath of a divorce or separation, we offer a safe place to express difficult emotions.

Upcoming in 2024:

  • 18 February (In person); Saturdays, 24 February-23 March (Online)


Still haven’t found what you’re looking for?

Our Hatfield Leadership Academy (HLA) has an affiliation with the South African Theological Seminary (SATS), through which you can earn a fully accredited qualification in theology and Christian counselling at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

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Join our one-year, full-time Christian gap year that focuses on preparing you for life. Grow in God and be changed forever.

Our Hatfield Arts Centre offers weekly group lessons in contemporary, orchestral, and classical music during Gauteng school terms. They also provide a variety of short courses throughout the year.

Our Hatfield Arts Centre presents a number of Worship Academies throughout the year. These Academies are grounded in a relational mentoring journey, and the aim is to grow worshippers of God in their calling, gifting and character. We believe in connecting with authentic people and encouraging excellence of spirit.

Your one-stop-shop for the music industry’s business aspect; the administration of copyright, licences, registration, royalty payments, etc.

Our Hatfield Community provides welcoming and secure accommodation for students. We are a vibrant community, ideally situated near the many colleges in the area and the University of Pretoria. We provide an environment where students can make friends, excel in their studies and grow spiritually.

GoVentures is an entrepreneurial initiative of our church, providing quality services at fair rates in many business ventures. We offer solar power, electrical, and plumbing services while empowering qualified young people to bring their skills to the marketplace.