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We celebrate God’s faithfulness to Hatfield Christian School (HCS) in 2022! Our school has almost forty years of accomplishing their vision to “train leaders to serve nations” under the belt, and the past year was no exception.

In the words of Debbie Holloway, the school’s Head of Administration,  

God’s Kingdom in hearts, homes and beyond – the heartbeat of our church and the inspiration of so much of what we do at the school. Discipleship and the resultant transformed lives is a primary motivator and distinctive of our school.

2022 saw thousands of lessons taught, hundreds of sports matches played, numerous functions held, and uncountable prayers prayed, and conversations had. Much of the year was spent in recovery from what was taken during the COVID period. Losses were evident in so many spaces, and 2022 was a year of reclaiming.

Our school understands and honours its God-given mandate to plant seeds for His Kingdom.

“God was faithful, and despite all, we once again had outstanding matric results with a 100% pass rate and an average of 2.3 distinctions per student. One student achieved an astonishing 10 distinctions and was placed in the top 1% nationally in four subjects.

We had an average of 765 pupils, served by approximately 130 staff members. And another highlight was the completion of four new classrooms.

“The Online School continues to flourish with approximately 1.100 students. We serve both individual families and other Christian schools. In March, we were excited to get all the online staff together from across the country for a weekend of retreat, refreshment, and relationship building.

“We are humbled and grateful to the Lord for what He has done in our community. We pray that our children, staff and families will continue to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and bear much fruit.”

If you are searching for a school that will nurture your child academically and spiritually, look no further than our very own Hatfield Christian School. To know more, visit their website, 

Hatfield Christian School
Hatfield Christian School
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