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One of our Faith Promise supported missionaries, Ursula, has been serving in Opuwo, Namibia, for 32 years.

In this time, she and her late husband have spread the gospel to remote communities and planted a missional church of roughly 200 members. They raised a local leader, Pastor Kalusha, to head up this church, forming part of a Namibian network of churches (TCNN).

Ursula also manages ABBA Guesthouse, which supports various ministry and outreach projects. She also administers a Christian school of approximately 170 pupils, which Pastor Kalusha oversees.

In June, ABBA Guesthouse sponsored a few essential food items for distribution in the surrounding villages to help alleviate the dire hunger resulting from a drought in the western part of Namibia. Vazandu, an outreach leader from Ursula’s church, shared how this generosity opened doors for the gospel.

In one of the Himba villages Vazandu visited, the headman refused to let his family attend church or have any preacher evangelise in his home. After blessing him with some food, Vanzandu again casually invited him to attend church.

To Vazandu’s surprise, the headman showed up at church with all the members of his household the very next day. So, for the first time, the church was able to fully embrace the headman and his family with the love of Jesus.

After the service, the headman even invited Vazandu to return to his village and continue sharing the gospel. They wanted to hear more about salvation and how to change their lives.

In Vazandu’s words:

“We thank every donor God uses as a tool to buy and take some relief food. As we do this, we are winning the lives of those who are lost. Thank you to our supporters who pray for our strength and health. And a special thanks to Hatfield Faith Promise – may God use you more and more.”

Thank you for your generosity in action, enabling us to bring Kingdom change across the street and across the globe.

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