Simply Jesus • Week of Prayer and Fasting

We’re expectant and excited about our week of prayer and fasting and look forward to carving out time to intentionally sit at the feet of Jesus as we pray and fast together from 22 to 28 January!

Keep scrolling for an overview of the week and what’s in store. 👣 🛐 

Daily devotionals

Set time aside each day to journey through our daily devotional – in your personal time or together as a family. 

  • Hardcopy booklet available at church reception from 18 January. 
  • Single-page spread available for download here >>. 
  • Double-page spread available for download here >>.
  • Childrens booklet available for download here >>.

Online morning prayer

Monday to Saturday, 06:00-06:30 • Start each morning together in prayer.
Dial in online via Zoom by following this link >>. 

Fast food

No. We don’t mean fast food (as in, Nando’s, KFC, or McDonalds) … we mean let’s fast our food for the week.

When we fast we voluntarily reduce or eliminate food intake for a specific time and purpose. 

There are different ways to fast, and it’s important to seek God (and, where necessary, your health practitioner) when choosing which type and time of fast to follow. 

  • Normal fast: No food, water only. 
  • The Daniel fast: Drink water and juice. Eat fruits and vegetables. 
  • Partial fast: This could mean fasting certain meals of the day or abstaining from certain foods (for example, no meat or sweets, soup only, fruit and vegetables only).


Fasting plus prayer: Remember, fasting should be combined with prayer. God calls us to both fast and pray. If you are fasting a certain meal of the day, use the time you would normally be eating to pray. The combination of prayer and fasting is a powerful way to focus on seeking God for breakthroughs and answers to prayer. 

Fasting and abstinence: Although the word “fast” is used as abstaining from food in the Bible and does not refer to giving up other things, during a fast, one can practice abstinence from other pleasures, such as fasting social media, entertainment, etc.

Lunchtime worship

12:30-13:15 • Monday to Friday • Prayer room 

Live, contemplative worship to keep your focus directed on Him – especially organised during lunch breaks because we’re fasting food, right?

Evening prayer gatherings

Tuesday to Thursday, 19:30 • Join us onsite for one of our corporate sessions as we wait on the Lord together as a community.

Friday, 18:00 • Reverb (high schoolers): Start the year on the right note by continuing our focus on prayer at our first Friday gathering of 2024. We’d love to see you there!

Prayer room

Our prayer room is open from 06:00 to 20:00. Use this space to meet with the Lord in personal prayer or take the opportunity to sit outside in our beautiful prayer garden.

Sunday celebration

10:00 • Let’s end the week together as a church community  sitting at Jesus feet and sharing in communion.

May this time of prayer and fasting fill you with a deep desire to know God better and model Jesus’ ways in your everyday frontline living.

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