Suffering Servant, Risen King • Easter 2024

The image of Jesus wearing a crown of thorns is perhaps one we’ve grown used to. But this crown, intended to mock Jesus’ claims and increase His suffering, bears much significance. Though it was meant mockingly, the crown points to our true King. He went before us, faced an excruciating death and conquered the grave. He is our risen King.

Easter may tell the same story every year, but as you pause to reflect, the Spirit deepens the significance of Jesus’ sacrifice for us.

Online devotional: The seven words • Launches 23 March

The number seven often symbolises completeness and perfection in Scripture. And it is no coincidence that during Jesus’ dying hours on the cross, He spoke seven times, as recorded by the Gospel writers. Each of these seven sayings, or words, carries a compelling message that calls for our closest attention.

And so we’ve prepared an online devotional, which gives you a chance to deepen your faith and connect with the story of Christ’s sacrifice. This seven-day devotional series launches on Saturday, 23 March, via our YouTube and Soundcloud channels. Carefully explore each word alongside Professor Eleanor Lemmer, a long-time member and leader in our Hatfield community.

Watch, listen or read the online devotionals as you prepare your heart for Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday.

Stations of the Cross • 24-31 March

Walk in Jesus’ footsteps from The Last Supper to His resurrection. 

This is an age-old journey that never gets old! 🙌 The practice of pausing – to reflect and remember – is so important in the life of a Christ-follower. You can never repeat this journey enough times as the Holy Spirit reveals something new each time you walk this path with Him. So, let’s never grow numb to the matchless price Jesus paid. 

Start at the Prayer Chapel (back of the church building) and journey through the stations set up on our premises. Ask the Holy Spirit for fresh revelation as you place yourself in the Easter story. 

Stations of the Cross 2024-final

*Important to note:

The Wednesday journey, which starts at 17:30, is tailor-made for families and facilitated by our children’s ministry pastoral couple.

Additionally, the venues will open from 07:30 to 18:30, except on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday, when the first journey starts at 07:00. 

Good Friday service • 29 March, 10:00

Hatfield, Hatfield South, and Hatfield Shere are coming together to remember Christ’s suffering and sacrifice!

Children (C4G), high schoolers (Reverb) and young adults: Join us in the Main Auditorium for this significant time of remembering all that Jesus endured for us.

Frontline focus: You know that frontline friend you’ve been reaching out to and praying for? This is the perfect opportunity to invite them through our front door. 

Resurrection Sunday service • 31 March, 10:00

Jesus Christ is our RISEN KING! He opened a new way for us to confidently approach our Father through Him.

We celebrate Jesus’ resurrection as a community and continue to cling unwaveringly to the hope we profess! As always, our Sunday service will be live-streamed, and since we are in the school holidays, our children (C4G and Reverb) joins us in the main service. 

Evening service • 31 March, 18:00

Our Young Adults will also be focusing on our RISEN KING, celebrating Jesus’ resurrection and its significance. 🙌🤩

Good to know

  • We will have a coffee truck on Good Friday, between 07:00-10:00, so you can grab a coffee or tea as you go through your group Stations-of-the-Cross journey that morning. 
  • Cre-Ate Express will only be open on Resurrection Sunday.
  • Unable to join in person? Friday’s and Sunday’s morning services will be live-streamed via our YouTube channel. Remember to have your communion elements on hand for our Good Friday service. 🍷🥖


Image with crown of thorns, gavel and nails.
Image of Jesu carrying the cross with a sunset/sunrise background.
Image of stone doorway.
Image of Jesus' feet as he walked out of the tomb.
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