Toddlers’ World Building Project

We recently had Pastor Chris Mathebula visit us, and in his message, Advance amidst adversity, he emphasises that the decisions we make today have a massively lasting impact. One such decision is the sowing of seeds of greatness. Seeds of greatness and faith which will benefit not only us but the many generations to come after us.

We always like to ensure that everyone in our church family feels right at home. And we have an opportunity to expand our Young People’s Facility to welcome our toddlers who are currently meeting at the back of the church building near Cre-Ate Café. We sold the meeting space to Hatfield Christian School, and they have graciously allowed us to use it on Sundays to accommodate our toddlers. 

How wonderful would it be, though, to have all our children worshipping together in one safe space on Sundays!

This would also make a huge difference for parents rushing between these separate venues to drop off and pick up their children. We hope the change will be especially welcome to new and visiting families unfamiliar with our premises. 

The total cost of the expansion project is R2.1 million. With the R1.2 million from the sale of the current Toddlers’ World to the school, we are more than 50% of the way there, but we cannot afford the additional R900 000 needed from our income. We also cannot use our Faith Promise budget because it is strictly dedicated to its main purpose, which is to make a difference in lives across the street and across the globe. 

And so, family, we ask for your help to invest in our next generation by giving what you can to help us meet the total amount needed to make this project a reality.

We are so grateful to the generations before us who invested so we can enjoy our church premises today. Now it’s our turn to pay it forward for the next generation.

Help our community ensure all our children can worship in one safe space on Sundays.

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