Stories of faith | How do you abide?

As we delve deeper into how we can be more fruitful through our More fruit message series, we thought to ask some of our Hatfield family how they practice being in God’s presence and what benefits they have seen flow out of this practice.  

Be inspired, and possibly pick up some ideas, by how our Hatfield community is intentionally spending time with and abiding in God. And if you’re not connected and part of a community group yet, click here >> and find your place to belong.


“One of my favourite ways to spend time with the Lord is in nature. Whenever I can, I go to a local nature reserve and spend time on a bench at my favourite spot, but mostly it’s just in my garden at home. I always walk away with a sense of peace and calm. I’ll often sense the Lord’s affirmation of my sonship. I also often write down what I hear from the Lord in my journal.”

Ben Pinches (Pastoral Team Oversight) 

“I start my day with God. Two practices that I found helpful have been to recite Psalm 23 or the Lord’s Prayer just as I wake up.  We also start the day together as a family, using the Lectio 365 app. It has 10-minute devotionals that we listen to on the way to school and sets the tone for our day. This helps us start the day with God’s peace and assurance that He is always with us and goes before us rather than feeling overcome by the demands of the day.

Carina Fisher (Congregation member) 

“I spend a lot of time on the road, so I bought the dramatised NIV audio Bible. My family and I love listening to it while driving. It has deepened my experience of feeling connected to God throughout the day as I meditate on the scriptures and pray about them. Often a verse has been a guiding light for me in my day. Also, hearing the Bible, sounds differently from when I read; it brings new life to familiar passages.”

Ian Pretorius (Pastor)


“Over the years, I’ve learned to make an appointment with the Lord. My best time abiding in the Lord is spent in silence, with a cup of tea on my favourite chair. I am stirred by the hunger and expectation to find the Lord waiting for me and to experience His presence tangibly.”

Auret Oosthuizen (Staff member)

“I follow a Bible reading plan. It gives one chapter in the old testament and one in the New Testament. I then journal what I sense the Lord is highlighting from His word for me, my loved ones, or the world around me. I have found that this calibrates, for me, the world I live in.” 

Letsholo Pelesi (Pastor)

“I spend time in the Lord’s presence through worship. I become aware of His presence through music (either singing along or silent with music in the background). I experience a deep connection with my Father as I become aware of His presence and love for me.”

Mmabatho Baghana (Pastor)

“I am stirred by the hunger and expectation to find the Lord waiting for me and to experience His presence tangibly.”

“I bring the Lord (as often as possible) into my everyday activity, sharing my thoughts and reasoning with Him. Mainly in the early hours of the morning and when I am driving. I also communicate with Him as much as possible throughout the day. It is producing patience, trust, and faith in me. Above all, my love for Him. I see how much He cares and loves me dearly.”

Seth Olupona (Pastor) 

“I absolutely love spending time in nature with the Lord, whether in the bush or at the sea. At home, I get up early, open the curtains to see the sunrise and spend time in God’s presence. I also seek to be mindful of Him throughout the day. I realise that I can’t do anything in my own strength. I am totally dependent on Him. I feel safe knowing He is with me and working in my life. I know that He is truly a husband to the widow.”

Tanya Grobbelaar (Pastor) 

“Each morning, coffee in hand, I sit for 30 minutes and read or listen to the daily Bible reading and devotional on the Bible app. I see in myself the fruit of obedience, peace, and an extra measure of faith in all situations. I am also growing not to let fear consume me but rather face it, knowing my Father is with me. The Holy Spirit reminds me not to be afraid. Obediently abiding in the Lord has led me into a deeper, intimate relationship with my first love, Jesus.”

Mitch Ransley (Congregation member)  


“I enjoy long baths, which also serve as my alone time with the Lord. I reflect on my day and allow Him to speak to me. These moments remind me of my dependence on the Lord and how much He loves me.

Treava Aron (Pastor) 

“I start each day sitting on the stoep with a cuppa coffee, simply trying to be present and intentional about what I see and hear. Watching the morning unfold in my little patch of the garden helps me start the day remembering the One who made it. I am not a morning person (!) and am surprised how much this recent practice has helped me anchor my day in Him.

Michelle Myburgh (Staff member) 

“I wake up at five every morning and sit outside on the balcony with a cup of coffee. I wait in silence for the first 15 minutes, focusing my thoughts on God before praying. I make notes on what I hear from the Lord for the day ahead. It centres me for the day, and I feel a real and tangible connection to Him.

Jason Allie (Pastor) 


“I regularly set aside 25 minutes to meditate in silence on a specific quality of God’s character or a word He lays on my heart, often from my Bible reading. The outcome is usually a deep sense of peace, resilience, and expectant faith for the supernatural, which sometimes results in intercessory worship.

Sihle Dlamini (Pastor)

“I feel the closest to the Lord when I’m soaking in worship music while resting, or doing everyday mundane tasks. I also start my day reading and praying scripture, and I dialogue with Him throughout my days. The scriptures and worship lyrics get saturated into my brain and become a part of my internal and external vocabulary. This gives me quick access to counter unfruitful thoughts with God’s truth, and I find peace, hope, courage, comfort, wisdom, etc. Staying in His presence keeps me grounded.

Anati Bacela (Staff member) 

“I spend time in silence in God’s presence for about 20 minutes in centring prayer (a type of prayer where you come before the Lord with no agenda or prayer but wait in God’s presence to hear His voice). This has brought me a fresh understanding of my identity in Christ and my purpose.”

Gideon Oosthuizen (Pastor)  


These are just some of the countless ways our diverse church family connects with God daily. We hope you are inspired and encouraged, and that you relate to some of these examples or discovered new ways to meet with the Lord in your own life. As you have just read, the benefits of time spent with Him are invaluable.

Make time for God and for abiding in Him. He is ready to connect with you. 🤗🍇

How do you abide? Let us know by emailing us at We’d love to hear from you! 

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