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A born-again Christian since she was a little girl, 64-year-old Carien de Villiers is a member and community group leader in our church family. She is also a wife and a music educator who travels to give music lessons to people of all ages.

One Thursday afternoon, Carien was driving to Waverley when she passed a man standing next to his red Golf, holding a green can. She drove about 300m and felt a clear prompting from the Holy Spirit to make a U-turn.

“How can I help you, sir?” Carien asked. The man told her that he had been standing there for four hours, and no one had stopped to assist him. Carien then asked if he would give her the can and that she could buy him petrol from the nearest garage. On her way to the garage, she sensed the Holy Spirit instruct her to get another can. She knew the garage sold petrol cans for R15 cash and wasn’t sure she would have it since she didn’t usually carry cash. After scrambling around her car she was thankful to find the exact amount she needed. Carien paid for both petrol cans, grateful to have had enough money on her card for the transaction.

“I returned to the car and gave the man the two petrol cans. My heart, soul and mind were so full of joy when I saw the smile and thankfulness of this man,” she said. The man told Carien he was extremely thirsty and asked if she had water for him. While sharing the water she had with him, Carien told him about Jesus and how we will never thirst again if we drink His Living Water. She then asked him if he knew the Lord, and the man said yes.

The whole experience reminded Carien of Galatians 6:10 NIVUK, “Therefore, as we have opportunity, let us do good to all people, especially to those who belong to the family of believers.” She said, “I am more in tune and sensitive to ministering to people in my everyday walk. Sometimes we must give time to others. Other times, you must go the extra mile; empty your purse.”

She adds, “I am very thankful to Hatfield for all the wonderful teachings and inspiring messages we always receive. They’ve opened my eyes to my frontline. We can do many things to make life a better place for others. Be kind and friendly to the car guards and the lady at the till. Always be in tune with the Holy Spirit’s guidance and prompting. It’s not always safe to stop to help people next to the road. I sensed it was safe for me to stop that specific day… Soli Deo Gloria — all the glory to God!”

Carien’s story is an inspiring, everyday example of our living on the frontline challenge: representing God wherever we are. You can watch our People on the frontline and Living on the frontline series to delve deeper and meet the challenge yourself. 

Do you know someone from our community making a kingdom impact where they are? Share their story with us at Let’s be encouraged by real people who make a real difference in our world!

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