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Do you have a space where you are known and can grow as a whole-life disciple beyond our Sunday services? Discipleship is at the heart of our church, and we believe it happens best within community. Like, in our Community Groups – small gatherings of people who simply do life together.

In the clip below, Samantha shares her story of finding hope and healing alongside her community group. There is power in belonging, accountability, and support from people who share your beliefs and values. 

Discover the transformative power of community and how it reflects God’s love for His people.

Have you considered what your next step is to be known and grow within our Hatfield community? Below are some great possibilities for you to explore.

  1. Community Groups are small gatherings of people who simply do life together. We meet regularly in homes across the city, encouraging one another to grow in our love for God and others. Sign up here >> to find your best fit. 
  2. Our Hope Centre offers emotional, mental, and spiritual support to individuals, couples and families through courses and donation-based pastoral counselling.  
  3. Learn more about Hatfield and membership at our Connect Lounge onsite after our Sunday morning services, or email us at with your questions. 

Lean in, and let’s get you connected!

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