Stories of faith | An overflow of obedience

In 2003, Nondumiso Phaahla heard the Lord direct her to leave her nursing career and serve local communities. She obeyed, offering the little in her hands to the Lord for Him to mould, use and multiply. As a result, Siyaphila was born.

Siyaphila Youth Support Services, an NPO focused on community development and one of our Faith Promise Partner Ministries, is headed up by Nondumiso, a member of our church family with whom we have a long-standing relationship.

Siyaphila supports young people through holistic development, peer education, counselling, and the introduction of income-generating projects. Seeing this as her frontline, Nondumiso is ever the evangelist, sharing the gospel everywhere she goes.

Nondumiso’s marriage into the unfamiliar ethnic group of the Bapedi, which she recalls made her feel like Esther, led to further and wonderful developments in her community work. Her desire to join and understand the community better resulted in many friendships and discovering their teas.

She had these teas scientifically analysed, proving their beneficial properties. This led to the birth of Setsong Tea Crafters, which assisted the community in developing sustainable income-generating projects in two villages in Limpopo.

And the story does not end there. The health benefits of the indigenous teas that their elders have been drinking for generations have become an even more significant source of blessing. Setsong Tea Crafters is now an award-winning, sustainable community-led business that is changing the face of rural development, and consequently, international opportunities have opened up.

In addition, it has resulted in socio-economic breakthroughs, a shift from dependence to interdependence, the strengthening of multi-generational relationships, and the restoration of dignity and hope.

Nondumiso’s two children also have become wholeheartedly involved in these initiatives. She expresses her gratitude, “I can only glorify God and thank our Kingdom family, including Hatfield, for their attention, love and support. My family and I are eternally grateful!”

If you are trusting the Lord for an overflow, perhaps obedience is the key to unlocking an outpouring of blessing and purpose, just as it was for Nondumiso. May you draw hope and courage from this faith story birthed in our very own community.

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