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This year, we are excited about God’s promise to make us more fruitful on our frontlines. And what better place to draw inspiration than through a testimony of fruitfulness from right here in our own community?  

Mamiala Mamiala, who has been leading our church’s high school ministry (Reverb) for three years, began his ministry in Hatfield, serving in our children’s ministry (C4G) for five years. Since taking over our high school ministry, the effervescent Mamiala has seen a doubling in attendance post-COVID! The fruit of his obedience in serving God is seen in the growth in numbers and the health and vitality of our high school ministry in his care. Passionate about the next generation, his mission is to lead young hearts to encounters with Jesus that will transform our young people and society. 

In Mamiala’s own words, 

“When I joined Reverb in January 2020, many of our youth congregants were connected digitally yet socially disconnected. This social disconnection caused a significant culture of isolation among our teenagers. We saw an increase in mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety amplified in March 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our congregants were not fruitful in their relationships with one another. While they had many social media followers, they did not have many deep, meaningful connections to draw from during those difficult times. 

“One question we asked ourselves as Reverb youth leaders were how to disciple our congregation to be fruitful in their relationships. 

“The answer to that question was connecting our youth to a real community. The leading cause of the shift was our intentional investment into group times through our Friday Night Youth gatherings and Sunday morning services. We split our youth into groups of four and encouraged them to ask each other relationship-building questions. Our teens also studied the Bible in these groups and asked pertinent questions.

“One question we asked ourselves as Reverb youth leaders were how to disciple our congregation to be fruitful in their relationships.”

“The fruit of this engagement was a significant increase in our Friday Night Youth and Sunday morning service attendance numbers. There was also a decrease in isolation-triggered mental illness as our youth became more integrated into our community. Our high schoolers expressed how much they valued the beauty of being connected to people who care. They felt secure in this community that allows them to speak up and express themselves openly.  

“When God plants us in a community, we can be fruitful because He blesses us through the people. In a God-centred community, there is love, healing, acceptance, provision, growth, and much more.  

“God created us for community, and if you are currently feeling isolated and lonely, I encourage you to get plugged into a family of people who share your beliefs and values. When you are planted in good soil, you will bear good fruit.” 

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, Mamiala. Are you looking for good soil to be planted this year? Click here >> to find your place of belonging in our church family. We’d love to welcome you!

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