Hope Centre • Courses starting in October 2023

The Wholeness Course

Mondays from 9 October • 19:00 • 6 weeks • Online

The Wholeness Course integrates the theology and psychology of what it means to be human from a biblical perspective. You will learn how your relationship with Jesus fits into every aspect of who you are, and why you think, feel, and behave the way you do.

Register here >> by 8 October.

Toddlerhood Transition

Tuesdays from 10 October • 19:30 • R400 • 7 weeks • Online

A course for parents of toddlers between 18 months and 3 years, wanting to understand a unique season full of changes. Transitioning from bottle to sippy cup, dealing with temper tantrums, and much more. Email Tanya at tpage@hatfield.co.za with any questions. (The registration cost includes a book, online video access, and group discussions.)

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Becoming One

Wednesdays from 18 October • 19:00 • R500 per couple • 7 weeks • Online

Are you a couple that’s engaged or considering marriage? Becoming One, a marriage preparation course, will help you build a solid foundation on biblical principles. Topics include roles, responsibilities, communication, money, conflict, and intimacy.

Register here >> by 14 October.

Protecting the Innocence of Childhood

Wednesdays, from 25 October • 19:30 • R350 • 4 weeks • Online

There is no faster way to rob a child of the innocence of childhood than inappropriate sex education. Children only get one childhood. Let’s help equip you to protect this innocence. The four-part series discusses the practical how-tos of sex education and much more.  Email Tanya at tpage@hatfield.co.za to register by 20 October. (The registration cost includes a book, access to online videos, and group discussions.)

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