Faith Promise feedback from Namibia

Missionaries is one of the three main streams that your Faith Promise pledge supports.

These are people called from Hatfield to different parts of the world and missionaries from abroad who serve within the Tshwane municipal area. We also frequently have outreaches, which form part of the Hatfield Initiatives, where teams travel locally and internationally in partnership with our missionaries.

On a recent outreach to Namibia, the outreach team witnessed God’s power to transform in many ways. Bryan, who led the team, shares a testimony of one experience they had …

“Going back to this Himba village, where I had been two years before, I noticed that the pastor did not look too well.

“She was sitting on the ground holding her head. When we got to the prayer and ministry time, we prayed specifically for her for healing and a fresh infilling of the Holy Spirit. God came on her and touched her in an amazing way. Afterwards, through the translator, she shared with us that about a week before, she had walked up to her church clearing and asked God to come and heal her both physically and emotionally. She then had a vision of some foreigners standing around her and praying for her and that she got healed. With great excitement, she shared with us that, as we prayed for her, it was exactly the vision she got that day. Her faith literally pulled down the presence of God and her healing.”

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