Birthday blues

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Written By Jay-S Tshabalala It must have been on my 10th birthday that my uncle took me to Toys R Us and told me to pick out anything that I wanted. In theory, this should have been any child’s dream come true – to be unleashed into a toy store and allowed to pick any one thing that I wanted. …

The Redeemed’s Reward

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Written By Mel Radley Ruth 4:13-22 shows us the reward of living God-shaped lives. We all love a good romance. Just a brief scroll through Netflix confirms this. Infatuation, passion, flings, eroticism, or just simple love stories are the order of the day. But is this all that is at work between Ruth and Boaz? Is it merely a simple …

Redemption and romance

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Written By June Snyers The story of Ruth is a wonderful story of redemption and romance. In it, we see the providence of God rescuing an entire generation. As a Pastoral ladies team, we are busy reading through the books, ‘The Gospel of Ruth’ by Caroline Custis James and ‘God in Everyday Life’ by Eric Kress.   Last week, Ps …

Ruth’s future and well-being

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Written by Roselle Julius It has been so wonderful reading the books – ‘God in Everyday Life’ by Brad Brandt and Eric Kress and ‘’Gospel of Ruth’’ by Carolyn Custis James. Most of what I am sharing here comes from these books. When Pastor Treava shared on the Book of Ruth, she mentioned that we all make decisions daily and …

Understanding the Hesed of a loving God

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Written By Auret Oosthuizen Last week Pastor Mmabatho shared the part of the story where Boaz invited Ruth to glean in his fields – and also suggested that she stay close to his servant girls. Today we watch the story unfold in Ruth 2:18-23, as Ruth went back home with the grain she had gathered. Naomi was waiting for her …

From devastation to providence!

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Written By Mmabatho Baghana Barley harvest – a perfect time of arrival for Naomi and Ruth! Is this a coincidence or a divine plan? Together, let us explore the unusual and unexpected revelations about God through Ruth 2:1–17. I wonder what is lurking behind Naomi and Ruth’s grand and timely arrival as mentioned in Ruth 1: 19 and 22, as …

Call me Mara!

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Having experienced famine and funerals, as Rick Kress puts it in his book ‘God in Everyday Life’, Naomi decided to return to Judah after hearing that the famine had ended.

But why God?

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We all make decisions daily and each of these decisions moves us, be it positively or negatively. Sometimes it may be easy and, at other times, challenging. In the book of Ruth…

This letter is for you

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By: Gwen Mlondobozi When last did you receive a letter that was written just for you, it’s been a while for me and in this technological age where an emoji is an entire paragraph I will assume that it has been long for you too. So dear beautiful one this letter is for you. Dear Beautiful No you are not …

The greatness of God

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Written By Mathilda Cronjé A couple of weeks ago we travelled from Pretoria down to the Western Cape. We booked to “sleep over” at a beautiful guest farm in the Free State. We received quite a welcome on arrival and were shown to a simple-looking unit on top of a garage, but what a pleasant surprise we had on entering …