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Written By Maretha Retief

Every person has a story to tell. What is your story?

Maybe you are working two jobs just to make ends meet. Maybe you are dedicating every part of yourself to your family and have forgotten who you are. Maybe you have a position with great impact on the people around you, but wonder whether it is where God still wants you. Maybe you are just going from one day to the next without any plans for your future. No story is insignificant. The more important question that needs an answer is, 'Who is writing your story?'

The truth is, we all have a story that is already divinely written by God and, we are in the process of playing the lead role. Each story is written explicitly for the one whose life it is, a story written by the Creator, a story with a heavenly calling, designed to bring complete fulfilment in peace. Do we even understand the significance of this? 

Your story is unique and, there is only one person that can play the story of your life, and that is you. The only failure you can suffer in life is by trying to live another person's story, one you were not chosen or prepared for. No life is a mistake, it is a story of opportunities waiting with great anticipation to be rediscovered and pursued. When life takes unexpected turns, and rocks are spread across our paths, we have a choice, will we see the rocks as stepping stones towards God’s higher calling on our lives or stumbling blocks. We choose where we keep our focus; on our challenges or on our Saviour. 

I have always had a very clear picture of what my life would be like until the only dream I had was crushed into pieces. I was soon faced with more decisions to make than what I was ready for: What did I want in life? What did I want to become? What did I want to leave behind? Did I want my life to have any meaning? What was God’s will for my life? Have I missed it? If so, will I be able to find it again? Did I have a higher calling on my life? Never-ending questions with no answers made me realise I have been missing God’s story of my life because I have been trying to write it myself.

Where did I have to go to find my story again?

The Writer. The One who created me and placed His everlasting love and calling in me; a story with no end in Him. It was only when I handed over the pen to the Writer of my story and began to look more to Jesus, that I saw my life through His eyes; a life of abundance in peace, filled with His presence; a story with no end. 

I want to invite you here, on the eve of a new day filled with fresh blessings and endless opportunities waiting to be discovered, to rededicate your life to Christ, every part thereof, and allow Him to come and write a new chapter of greatness for your life. It is waiting to happen!

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