Why worry?

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By Corlia de Villiers, qualified social worker with a passion for family relations, encourager, mom of two daughters, piano player, photographer …

A while ago I watched a movie that plays off during the cold war in Berlin. It tells the story of a Russian spy who was caught by the USA government. A lawyer was appointed to handle his case and during their first meeting the lawyer asked the spy if he wasn’t worried. He replied, ‘Will it help?’ In the end an exchange took place and the spy was handed over to his own government. As he and the lawyer stood on a bridge waiting for the exchange to take place, the lawyer again asked if he wasn’t worried about what might happen to him. His reply was the same: ‘Will it help?’

I guess he realised that his fate was in the hands of the government and to worry about it would not change anything.

This reminded me of the portion of Scripture where Jesus says we should not worry about our lives and the minor details thereof. The Lord knows what we need, and He will provide in all our needs as we put our trust in Him. In Matthew 6:27 (NIV) He says, “Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?” In other words, worrying doesn’t have any benefits.

Our lives and our destinies are in the hands of a loving God who knows our needs and who wants the best for us. I know it’s human nature to worry when things don’t seem to work out or go according to our plans. But this verse actually says that we should stop wasting our time worrying about things that can steal our joy and take our focus off the things that really matter.

I want to encourage you to stop worrying and to let God, your Provider, take care of things while you focus on those things that have eternal value.


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