When Beyond follows you

When ‘Beyond’ follows you home

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By: Jason Knoetze

God’s Kingdom in hearts, homes, and beyond; it’s our vision. But what happens when ‘beyond’ transforms your heart? Your home changes, the way you do life changes, so much in you changes. This is a glimpse into what happened in my life.

For the last three to four years, God has been speaking to me about Canada. Nothing specific, just Canada. Nonetheless, when I was approached to go to a Young People’s gathering in Canada, it was the Lord making a way. It was my first overseas trip and, looking back, I see how the Lord had been preparing my heart for this occasion.

Becoming part of a global family – Watchmen for the Nations, led by David Demian – has changed my life. For those who know David or this ministry, you’ll know that he has a massive heart for family, nations, and to see God’s kingdom established globally. What touched me most was how family was demonstrated at these gatherings. I felt welcome, loved, accepted, and safe. I had deep revelation of Kingdom family.

Where previously a nation was merely another place, it now became a burden for my heart. Through the many connections that were made in a global family, each nation now had a name and struggle attached to it. The body of Christ became real when I realised that I play a small but vital role in the Kingdom. Their hurt became my hurt, because we are after all one body, right? If a knee is hurting, the whole body suffers.

‘Be still in my presence’, the Lord kept reminding me, as my own thoughts ran ahead thinking how things would change coming back. It was a gentle reminder that by creating space for the Lord, He will change what needs to change. There is no formula or three-step process, but the daily quest of laying ourselves down and being willing and obedient to do what He wants us to do.

Canada – a beautiful place indeed, and while the sights were great, my heart was moved by the people. It was not just a community but a family. I am eternally grateful for this opportunity, and it has had, I believe, a lasting impact on not only my heart, but the hearts of those around me. With surety, I can say that my life has been changed and that the Young Adults’ ministry will be touched by what God wants to see in our lives.

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