Trust Jesus in the storms of life

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Written By Angelique Geeringh

IIn Matthew 14:22-33, we read about the miracle of Jesus walking on water. Before we look at this miracle, let’s set the scene with what happened prior to this.  

Jesus heard the sad news that John the Baptist had been beheaded by Herod (Matthew 14: 1-12). We read from verse 13 that Jesus wanted to be by Himself. He had gone by boat to a deserted place but the crowds had heard where He was and they had followed Him. Instead of having a quiet time to reflect on the death of His friend, the Bible tells us that Jesus was ‘moved by compassion’ and He spent the day healing the sick. Then, as evening was falling, Jesus miraculously fed 5000 men (take note this number does not include women and children) with five loaves and two fish.


Finally, Jesus instructs his disciples to go ahead of Him as He sends the crowd home and then goes up the mountain to pray. By the time that Jesus was ready to join the disciples they had already sailed far ahead of Him and had been fighting strong headwinds. The Bible tells us that in the fourth watch (between 3 and 6am), Jesus went to them, walking on the water. The disciples are terrified when they see Him and Peter tells Jesus to confirm who He is by instructing him to walk to Him on the water (vs 28-29). All goes well. Peter walks on the water, but then he takes his eyes off Jesus and he sees the storm raging around him and starts to sink. He cries out to Jesus to save him and this exactly what Jesus does (Matthew 14:31, NKJV).


And immediately Jesus stretched

out His hand

and caught him and said to him

“O you of little faith, why did you doubt?”


Life is not always smooth sailing and often we don’t get ‘the me-time’ that we need to recharge. When we are in a storm or surrounded by a multitude of problems, we need to keep our eyes on Jesus and He will guide us to be ‘wave-walkers’ until the storm subsides.

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