The Power of His Words

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Written by Georgia Györi

As a newly appointed sub-editor, I have been building the habit of double checking meanings of words in the reports that I need to edit. This is necessary for me to fully comprehend the sometimes alien words being used, as well as better understand what the author is trying to say to his/her audience.

The other day when I was doing Bible study, I decided to put this practice into play. However, this time I was cross-checking words I know well, words I have become so accustomed to. Here’s the example below:

Psalm 46:1 “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.”

Refuge: A secure state or a place of shelter from danger, difficulty or pursuit.

Strength: A state or quality of being physically strong. Synonym for strength: Robust – the state of strength and good condition, the ability to withstand and/or overcome conditions of adversity or rigorous testing.

Ever-present: Continual existence - all the time and always there. This process of cross-checking the words in Psalm 46:1 led me to the following reflection:

Today I am thankful that, in Christ, I am always safe. I am thankful that, in Christ, I am always empowered. I am thankful that, in Christ, I am always in good and strong condition. And finally, today I am so very thankful that Christ is always there.

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