The love of a mother

The love of a mother

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Written by Angelique Geeringh

In Daniel 1:1-21, we read all about how Daniel was taken captive and trained to become assimilated into the ways and customs of the Babylonians. Daniel was tall, handsome, and intelligent. He addressed his superiors with respect, staying polite whilst firm in his convictions. We all know the story of how with humility, Daniel refused to eat the food and wine from the king's table, but gently requested that he and his friends be given only vegetables to eat and water to drink. After ten days, these young men all looked healthier and happier than their counterparts.

Although we are not given any information about Daniel's mother, Daniel's choices while in exile are a clear indication that he hung on to all the years of upbringing. This young man, did not just appear, he was born to an Israelite mother that did a wonderful job of raising  a son who, even when in the toughest of situations, held on to all that he had been taught. For this mother, Proverbs 22:6 (NKJV) became reality.

'Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.'

It was only when I had my own two sons that I started to wonder about Daniel’s mother. We will never know who she was, but she certainly raised an exemplary young man.  It is possible that she was killed during the occupation or sold into slavery and never realised what a sterling job she had done. We can only assume that she prayed for her son daily whilst he was growing up and if she was alive during the exile years, that she continued to pray for him.

None of us know what kind of adults our children will become and what their own true potential will be. Perhaps, like Daniel’s mom, we may not see all that they will achieve. However, if we continue to pray for our children and guide them with love and gentleness on the right path, they too will become adults that any mother would be proud of.

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