That sweet spot where passion meets purpose

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By Anati Bacela, worship office administrator, extroverted introvert, people and fashion lover, mom of a super toddler, daughter of the Highest King …

I recently attended one of our vocal workshops. Not because I can sing. There’s just something about watching someone live out their calling that revives your own passion. Brandon October, South African pop singer-songwriter and first runner up of South African Pop Idols in 2002, is such a person.

I observed how he interacted with each singer, carefully paying attention, spotting potential and stretching them far beyond what they imagined possible. I found it intriguing that the one thing most singers desired him to teach them, was a strength they already had. With just the right guidance from Brandon they were able to unlock that potential in less than five minutes! It was incredible to watch, and I felt the Lord nudging me about my own potential.

My dream is to motivate as many people as I can reach through the written and spoken word. I am passionate about encouraging people and also helping them to see and unleash their potential. If I could do that for a living, I would’ve found my sweet spot. For years I’ve disqualified myself and made up countless excuses why I’m not ready to live it out yet. I’ve found the things I so passionately want to impart to others, are the very things I’ve battled with in my own life. And of course the enemy is always ready to remind me that it’s proof that I’m not ready or worthy. I believed him for a while, but now I know my struggles make me even better equipped to inspire others. Experience is the best teacher!

In a recent teaching, Steven Furtick spoke about how many of us weren’t excited about the new year because we knew it doesn’t matter what the calendar says, we still have the same weaknesses and dysfunctions we had the previous year. Knowing that the same things that prevented you from achieving your goals last year are still there, can be very discouraging. Which is why I wasn’t particularly excited about stepping into 2017.

He spoke about how process releases potential. You don’t just wake up one day ready to fulfill God’s purpose in creating you. You have to go through a series of character building events which prepare you for your calling. The tricky part is that the preparation rarely ever looks anything like the purpose. In the Bible we read about many people who went through things that, to the human eye, looked nothing like the purpose God later led them to.

When I think of living in the space where my passion meets my purpose, my heart skips a beat. But then fear of failure grips my chest, and I immediately talk myself out of it. I can handle the thought of failing at something I’m not passionate about, because of the comfort in knowing there’s still the possibility of succeeding in what I love. It’s the thought of failing at what I’m passionate about that holds me back. That’s until I remember my gifts are not my own. When I suppress what God has placed inside of me, I rob Him as well as all the people it was intended to bless. I need to surrender and be obedient. God will bring the victory. The only thing worse than failing is dying without ever fully living.

Are you at a place right now where you have no idea why God put you there? Do you see no connection between where you are and where you know or strongly feel God wants to take you? Then take heart! God always knows what He’s doing. He is a million steps ahead of us. Our human brain cannot possibly comprehend what He is doing. We only see in part what God sees in full view. This is why all we can do is trust Him and be obedient. If there are things the Lord has been nudging you to do and you’ve been resisting for whatever reason, it’s time to be obedient and do them. It could be just what you need to do in getting you a step closer to your purpose.

I pray that the Lord will give you the wisdom and courage you need to do the things He’s laid on your heart. Life’s too short to be spent behind the prison bars of fear.

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