Advancing God’s Kingdom one heart at a time

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Pastor Louis is a deep believer in the advancement of God’s Kingdom through discipleship

The senior Pastor of Hatfield Christian Church East and South, Louis Kotzé, is truly a son of this house. Having grown up in Hatfield, Pastor Louis completed the Year of Your Life gap year program and his initial theological training at Hatfield Training Centre.

He also met and married his wife Natasja here in Hatfield, with whom he has four sons: Ethan, Keenan, Liam and Eowan.

His tenure as a pastor began when he was appointed at Hatfield Christian Church East in 1998 and then released in 2005 to plant Hatfield Christian Church South in Centurion.

His appointment as Senior Pastor at Hatfield Christian Church in March 2016 created an opportunity for Hatfield Christian Church East and Hatfield Christian Church South to come closer together in greater unity for the advancement of God’s Kingdom.

HCC leadership believed that God was leading them into a multi-site expression of church whereby HCC East and HCC South became united under one vision.

Pastor Louis and Natasja now lead both churches with the support of two leadership teams. The two churches still meet in their respective locations, but enjoy combined resources in serving these communities.

Pastor Louis is a deep believer in the advancement of God’s Kingdom through discipleship. He believes that we must first be a community here within the church, with God’s Kingdom in our hearts, in order for us to be able to take it out there into the world.

With his fatherly heart for people, Pastor Louis is currently discipling the Hatfield Christian Church community towards fulfilling its vision and mission of seeing God’s Kingdom in hearts, homes and beyond.