Promise # 3 – Reflect

Promise # 3 – Reflect

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Author: Angelique Geeringh

Earlier this month we learnt all about the value using God’s Word as “mirror” in our lives and this week we continue to focus on reflection. Our scripture this week is found in Proverbs 27:19

As in water face reflects face, so the heart of man reflects man.

Have you ever been privileged enough to see a beautiful lake bordered by a magnificent mountain range or spectacular tall trees that seem to be reaching straight up into heaven? On a clear day, when the light is just right, the view across the lake is mirrored perfectly on its surface. The reflection then results in the natural beauty and splendour to be doubled. The image on the lake could be slightly out of focus and in a few places the image in the water may ripple. The colours are perhaps not quite a brilliant, but in spite of the “flaws” the whole picture is exhilarating .

In the same way that the image reflected back from the water is slightly imperfect and not as crystal clear as the image it reflects, we could say the same of our own soul. Our souls are merely a reflection of the soul of God in whose image we have been created. As we grow closer to God, the image comes into sharper focus and it more closely resembles the soul of our Creator.

If we turn our lives over to God and allow Him to finish the excellent work that He has started, He will smooth the “ripples” and fill in any details that are lacking and we will become a clearer reflection of Him. As He works through us, we will be a reflection of His great love and power to all that we come into contact with.

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