Our whole-life discipleship approach is based on Jesus saying, “Go and make disciples and I will build my church.” We believe that where discipleship is the focus, community becomes naturally essential. So start your discipleship growth journey with us today.

Have you found your church home?

Life Changers is a course that helps you start your discipleship journey and settle into our family.

You’ll meet some of our pastors on the journey and learn more about being a Hatfield Christian Church member. Get to know our church’s beliefs, values, and vision and mission.


Baptism is an essential milestone in a disciple’s life. It is a moment to mark your death to self and coming alive in Christ. It’s a declaration to the world, a public expression of our faith. Even Jesus was baptised.

Are you ready to take this faith step?

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Baby Dedication

Are you a Hatfield Christian Church member who wants to dedicate your child(ren) to the Lord?

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Hope Centre Courses

Becoming One

For couples looking to get married and base their marriages on Godly principles.

The Marriage Course

For married couples looking for tools to build a healthy marriage and strong connection – or to restore your connection.

Smart Step (and Blended) Families

For those wanting to improve their parenting skills and better understand the complications involved in a step or blended family.


For those struggling with the loss of a loved one.

Single and Parenting (Weekends and Saturdays)

For single parents wanting to improve their parenting skills and better understand the pressures of raising children alone.


For those going through a divorce or separation, or even just considering it.

Preparation for Parenting
(Birth to 6 months)

Based on the belief that God is a God of order, Preparation for Parenting brings hope to the tired and bewildered parents looking for an alternative to sleepless nights and fussy babies.

Babyhood Transition

(For parents with babies 5 – 12 months)

Preparation for Toddler Years

(For parents with babies 12 – 18 months)

Toddler-hood Transition

(For parents with babies 18 – 36 months)

Tithes and Offerings

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