Mamiala Mamiala | Hannah’s struggle

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Read: 1 Samuel 1 & 2 

  • Using the word of God as a point of reference, to determine how to approach our struggles, is important in the times we live in. We must find biblical blueprints.
  • The story of how Hannah came to birth Samuel is a powerful story. As beautiful as the birth was, the struggle before the conception was a hard one and one some of us have experienced before. Hannah wasn’t able to conceive and Peninnah provoked her in this regard.
  • Hannah did something powerful in the midst of her struggle. She went to the temple and cried out to the Lord in vulnerability. She then prayed a prayer where she initiated partnership with the Lord. Lastly, she praised Him greatly after the breakthrough.

Your turn

  • When last did you go to God openly and vulnerably about things that are not going well in your life? Do you run from God when you are offended or do you run to Him?
  • When praying this week, look for an opportunity to partner with the Lord in every season. God wants to do life with us!
  • Lastly, I encourage you to praise God in the midst of the storm and after the storm. Let us sing joyfully and rejoice in the God of our salvation. He is worthy to be praised and our song testifies.

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