My LTS journey – discovering the Father’s love

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By Lorraine Jacobs, avid reader, social media enthusiast, encourager, mom of two boys, lover of all things clean and neat …

Whenever I speak to people who’ve done LTS (Life Training School), I’m reminded of my own incredible journey …

At the dawn of the year 2014, I was trusting the Lord for many new beginnings. I’d just finished an employment contract and was ready for a new challenge. I made plans and wrote down everything I wanted to achieve. The next step was to swiftly put the wheels into action. Little did I know that the Lord had other plans for me …

Plans to strengthen my faith in Him, renew my soul, wash me clean of the past, and to finally allow me to call Him my daddy in heaven.

He touched me with a gentle kiss and my heart started bubbling and overflowing with His love for me. All this transformation happened during a course called Life Training School.

LTS was spread out over four very intensive weeks. Although I didn’t know what to expect, I was excited and open to allowing the Lord to touch all the areas of my life that needed healing. Doing the course meant 40 hours away from my family and I was going to make the most of it. I promised myself that I would give it my all, and what a beautiful journey it turned out to be. Totally bumpy, however all worth it in the end. I was open to receive everything the Lord had in store for me. I felt physically and emotionally exhausted, yet I was determined to press through those four weeks.

As the days unfolded I penned down a couple of thoughts on how I viewed the course and how it made me feel:

Father God, thank you for Your mercies and Your love.

Week 2 of LTS and I can feel God peeling away all the layers.

LTS is truly an amazing experience of self-discovery!

I’m being skinned alive and loving it. It’s time to bury the past and allow the Lord to restore me to the person He intended me to be.

Looking forward to LTS tonight. It’s been such an amazing journey so far.

I feel so blessed. Lord, thank you for pouring out your love on me.

End of week 3 and I feel like a brand new person. Lord, thank you for Your love, grace, promise and protection over my life.

LTS was the most unsettling, most rewarding, amazingly incredible journey!

Lord, thank you for Your restoration in my life.

At the end of the course we were asked to write a letter to Father God and I settled on this poem:

My Comforter

In the darkness of my sorrow
I can feel His arms wrapped around my shoulders
Wrapped around me, my Father’s arms
Holding me tight, tight, tight
And in my ear He whispers
‘I am your Comforter, your Protector and your Lord
Lean on me
And I will comfort you’
Enveloped in His love
Wrapped in His arms
I feel so safe
And I know that all will be okay.

Thank you Lord, for loving me.

Your daughter, forever.

By allowing the Lord to stretch me, I’ve allowed myself to grow.

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