Love what you do: Do what you love

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written by Kate Bohnen

I used to think that in order for me to be happy and fulfilled in my life, I needed to love the work that I did. Deep down, I held on to the belief that what I did was linked to how important I am.

And then I had a baby. I resigned from the job that I hated, to stay at home and be a mom to a beautiful little girl. I knew this was the right thing to do for my family, but I never imagined how difficult it would be to admit to being a stay-at-home mom when asked about my occupation.

I have always had so many dreams and plans that have never materialised. My excuse has always been that I have no time. 

"I can't do what I feel I'm called to because I still have to finish studying; I still have to work at a mundane job; I still have to cook and clean and look after my family."

I recently read something that completely challenged my mindset. It went something along the lines of, "Your job is not necessarily the same as your calling - sometimes it's just about paying the bills." Suddenly, I didn't have a box to put all my dreams and plans in - it was strangely freeing.

I wrestled with the fact that my life was not defined by the job that I had. But what did give it definition? And then I came back to my calling. I remembered the things that make my heart come alive. These are the things that God placed in me.

God is delighted when we are delighted.

What if part of our everyday worship to God is us making time to do what we love? Can we meet with God in our hobbies?

Regardless of how you spend your day, set aside time to do what you love. You may discover the reckless, untamed love of God waiting to meet you in your delight. Yes, we're called to be a light to the world, but maybe being intentional about doing what you love is the spark that will ignite the brightest Jesus-Light inside of you.

Come Alive. Do what you love. Hike. Dance. Sing. Build. Bake. Create. Teach. Nurture. Offer the moments you are most alive as worship to the One who gave you life. Be the light that shines in the darkness, because joy is just as Christ-like as sacrifice.

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