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By Taka Sande, shepherd at HCC, author, mentor, entrepreneur and property development manager …


 No matter how long the winter, spring is sure to follow. – Proverb


‘To everything there is a season …’ says the Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1-8. The same book, Chapter 9:11 ends with, ‘But time and chance happen to them all.’

We often say, ‘Do you remember those days …’ In life there are seasons of abundance and seasons when you have to put in extra effort. There are seasons when you are the star at work and you’re promoted, and then there are times when nobody seems to even notice you. In some seasons business is booming, and in others deals are hard to come by. There are seasons when it seems every prayer is answered instantly, but there are seasons in which it seems that heaven has been shut off from you. There are seasons when a nation experiences excitement, and economic growth is visible all over, but there are also seasons when the same nation goes into recession. These are the seasons of life. They come and go.

It is vital that people, organisations and even governments use what I refer to as Joseph’s wisdom. In the Bible we see how Joseph positioned Egypt’s seasons of abundance in such a way that the nation could survive during a season of scarcity. The best time to prepare for bad seasons is when you are still in a good one!

We’ve heard many say, ‘Those days, when we were working on a project that made lots of money …’ The question is, what did you do with the money? Some wise ones will reply, ‘I built my house with money from that project’ or ‘that project started my business.’

What do you do when you are promoted? The wise thing to do is to solidify your position. Those people might have promoted you just to please you or even to test you, and not because you are good at your job. Be wise and upgrade your skills and qualifications to match the new position. Then, when seasons of evaluation come, you will be solid and well-rounded, actually ready for the next level.

When you are victorious, don’t spend too much time celebrating. Plan ahead and build up your defences, otherwise you might lose what you’ve gained. This is true for relationships, business and investments. Many people wake up to find that the special bonus they received at work is spent or that the company car or house is being taken back. Investing when you have excess money is easier than investing when you are broke.

To everything there is a season. You might be at the peak, or be the man or woman of the moment, but know that it’s for a season. Make good use of the time. You might be struggling in many areas, and may think you are finished. But know that your good season is coming. Prepare for the next season. Do not build permanent structures. This unfriendly season is temporary. Like a tree, use the winter season to anchor your roots deep in the water table (seeking God as your Source), thereby developing your character. These strong roots will help you carry the weight of the fruit you produce in your summer season.

May the Lord give you Joseph’s wisdom to flourish in all seasons. In every season ask God to help you learn from it and grow in the same way trees grow and change through all seasons, because each season is crucial to prepare you for the next.

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