Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

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By Trudi Joynt, pastor who helps out at a remedial school, passionate about helping people reach their dreams, loves meditating on the Bible and enjoys time with family and friends …

This month we are celebrating Human Rights Day, but isn’t it such a pity that something like the protection of human rights has become such a necessity, when God has given us the responsibility to care for and look out for each another.

Examples of Gods power transforming humankind’s wicked hearts is found many times throughout the gospel. As we have been journeying through Acts, we have discovered that the gospel has power to both transform Gods people and to enable us to help others be transformed. When we read Acts 8:1-8, we learn that when the disciples had to flee from persecution in Jerusalem the Gospel began to spread.

In verse 8, we see that when the gospel starts affecting a city, joy abounds in that city. When we grow in our understanding of God’s love for us, we also grow in our understanding of His love for others.

We have a very clear task laid out before us as disciples and followers of Jesus Christ. As we share the love of Christ with others, they in turn share their personal experience of God’s love with those who they come into contact with. We need to trust the Lord to use His Gospel to transform people’s hearts in such a way that our cities will be turned around (as far as human rights is concerned). And we need to take up our responsibility to look after and care for one another.

The 21st March is Human Rights day, and it is just great to be able to take a breather in the middle of an otherwise busy week. I would like to encourage you to shift your focus from your rights to your responsibility. Jesus told us to pray for the sick, to visit those in prison, to care for the widow, the orphan etc. If we are able to infiltrate our communities with this kind of love in action, the focus on human rights will be shifted and we will begin to look out for each another.

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