Going from glory to glory in 2017

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By Carina Fischer, pastor, mom of twin boys and a princess, lover of history and culture …

Awesome Father God

How majestic You are! Thank you for redeeming us. You give us a beautiful crown instead of ashes. You are all about restoration. You give us what we don’t deserve – a position of honour. Because it’s not enough for You to only rescue us from our sin, you also make us sons and daughters. You make us royalty and give us the power to reign in victory. You lead us in triumph, because one victory is not enough for You. You give us more than one victory, more than one glory. Your Word says You want to take us from glory to glory. It’s who You are. You rescue and re-instate.

You love to redeem all things and to give us over, above and beyond … It’s not enough for You to only save us, You also give back what the locust has eaten. Not only do You rescue us from our enemy, You enable us to overtake and destroy him and to take back territory. Thank you that You don’t merely save us from death, but also give us abundant life as Your beloved, glorious Bride.

I sensed God reply:

To be rescued is still a few steps away from being royalty, and royalty is what I want for you. A royal priesthood is what you are. It is not enough for Me to rescue you from drowning, I want you to walk on the water. I call you to trample on the head of the enemy and to destroy his works. It is not enough that you just get by, I want you to sit at the table with your cup overflowing. It is not enough for you not to be dead, I want you to be in health and for your soul to prosper. It is not enough that your plant does not wither, I want an abundance of fruit to grow from your branch.

It was not enough for Ruth to return with her mother, I also wanted her to be married and for her shame to be turned into glory. It was not enough for David to kill Goliath, I wanted him to be king.  It was not enough for Moses to deliver the Israelites, but for him to see the Red Sea parted. It was not enough for Joshua to only see the Promised Land, but also for him to possess it as the leader of God’s people. It was not enough for Peter to be restored, but also for him to become the rock. It was not enough for John to lie on my breast, but for him to see me as the victorious Warrior and to prostrate himself at the glimpse of My glory. It was not enough for Mary to only know Me, but also for her to cover me with anointing oil in preparation for My burial. It was not enough for Paul to be struck with blindness, but for Him to become an apostolic force in the early church. Jesus did not merely come to die, but to be raised from the dead to His position at the right hand of the Father.  He is making intercession for you …

We are called to be more than conquerors. As a royal priesthood, we are called as sons and daughters of the Most High. We are called to trample on snakes and scorpions, raise the dead, love others sacrificially and destroy the works of the enemy. We are called to be filled with the Holy Spirit and to be His witnesses in every corner of the globe. He wants so much more for us.

Will we be satisfied with merely being rescued, or will we become all that He has called us to be? Will we expect more of Him or merely be satisfied with our own plans?

Lord, Your ways are higher than our ways, and your thoughts than ours. We don’t want to settle for what we have, but will dare to trust You for Your exceedingly, abundant promises.

May we enter into 2017 with faith and the expectation that God will do far more than we can think or imagine. I pray that it will be a year filled with victories, breakthroughs and going deeper with Jesus – from glory to glory in Him.

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