God is our eternal rock

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In Matthew, chapters five to seven, we read about Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. The scene is set that Jesus went up onto a hill or mountain so that he could be seen and heard by many people. The Bible tells us that a large crowd gathered and were amazed by this teaching.

A brief breakdown of the Sermon of the Mount would be as follows:

1. The Beatitudes (Matt 5:3-12). The blessed rewards of living as citizens of Christ’s kingdom.
2. The lesson of salt and light (Matt 5:13-16). The effects of Christian living has on the world.
3. True righteousness (Matt 5:17-48). The deeper meaning of the law of God.
4. Practice without hypocrisy (Matt 6:1-18). The right motives for giving, praying, and fasting.
5. The Christian concerns (Matt 6:19-34). Serving God with singleness of purpose and putting the concerns of His kingdom first results in freedom from anxiety over lesser things.
6. Warning against judgment (Matt 7:1-6). The dangers of judging others harshly and carelessly.
7. An invitation to prayer (Matt 7:7-12). The blessings and privileges of prayer.
8. The two ways (Matt 7:13, 14). Choose wisely.
9. A tree and its fruit (Matt 7:15-20). ‘By their fruits, you will know them.’
10. The importance of deeds (Matt 7:21-29). Obeying God is far better than making excuses or talking about your obedience.

On reaching the end of this life-changing sermon, Jesus offers the parable of the two builders (Matt 7:24-27) where he reminds us that to survive the storms of life, and we need to build our lives in obedience to His teachings. When we do this, we will experience the incredible freedom that only comes from trusting in God.

Isaiah 26:4 (NIV)
‘Trust in the LORD forever, for the LORD, the LORD himself is the Rock eternal.’

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