Faith to Flourish_Friendship

Faith to Flourish_Friendship

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Author: Angelique Geeringh

David was truly blessed with his friendship with Jonathan. This bond of friendship has been recorded in the Bible as an example of what friendship is all about.  They became friends following the battle in which David killed Goliath. Despite the many hardships both men faced, they remained faithful to one another as friends and protected one another from harm. Jonathan even risked his life interceding for David before King Saul, who sought to kill David.

Their friendship was stronger than David’s relationship with any of his own brothers. After Jonathan’s death, David wrote a lament for his friend:

2 Samuel 1:25–26 (NIV)

'...Jonathan lies slain on your heights. I grieve for you, Jonathan my brother; you were very dear to me...'

The question that we need to ask ourselves is, 'are we reliable friends or do we form friendships with selfish intentions?'  In John 15: 12 -14 (MSG), Jesus gives us very clear instructions on what friendship should be:  

'This is my command: Love one another the way I loved you.

This is the very best way to love.

Put your life on the line for your friends.

You are my friends when you do the things I command you.'

Jesus was known as a 'friend of sinners' (Luke 7:34), and He has promised, 'Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you' (Hebrews 13:5). Jesus is truly the Friend who sticks closer than a brother, and blessed are those who have Him as their Friend.

If we take each of our friendships and ask God to reveal to us how we can be 'Jesus friends', then by His grace and guidance, we will be a beautiful reflection of Jesus and His love.

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