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The theme of our Week of Prayer and Fasting (WOPAF) from 15 to 22 January was foundational to our current focus Community on a mission. Daily topics focused on important aspects of a godly community and to strengthen the concept amongst us, we spent quite a bit of time praying in small groups. Being on a mission further entailed that we deliberately focused our prayers not only on ourselves, but also on the broader community.

The topic of the first day was Loving His presence. Pastor Louis launched WOPAF 2017 on Sunday morning and during the evening service we spent time soaking in God’s presence. Those who gathered were encouraged to sit at His feet, and when going out not to miss the burning bush experiences He brings over our paths.

Nuggets from the daily topics for the rest of the week were:

  • Purity, honour and holiness

God wants us to be pure! We don’t only attain this by running away from evil, but also by embracing good (Micah 6:8).

  • Godly work ethic

We do not work to please the world, but as representatives of the Lord. When people look at us, they should see Him. God has placed us where we are to make an impact for His Kingdom.

We are here to be influencers of the world and not to be influenced by the world.

During the evening session there was a deep sense that the Lord wants to heal and restore those in difficult work situations, businesses that are suffering, and people who do not have work. Pastor Louis encouraged us to ask BIG, stir up our faith and pray radical prayers.

  • His power through us

The Lord wants to reveal His power to us and through us. We represent His authority on earth. The Holy Spirit in us empowers us for change.

  • Social Impact: righteousness, justice and equity

God is righteousness. It is evident in the way He is consistent in character. God is calling us to a higher standard and the Holy Spirit will empower us to stand up for what is right. Equity is the quality of being fair and impartial. We should look at one another in the same way God does.

  • Community on a mission

God’s Word tells us to be like-minded, compassionate, humble and to love one another (1 Peter 3:8). We should practice these qualities at home, and then extend them to our communities. As God’s children we have one heritage and one culture. We are a community in Christ!

In the evening session we prayed that the youth of our nation and the world will attain to purity, honour and holiness and not fall into worldly stereotypes.

God qualifies us and uses crooked sticks to draw straight lines.

In the last days the love of many will grow cold, but community will be the antidote for this.

The Lord’s presence was very real throughout the week. What better way to start the year than praying together and waiting on the Lord for His guidance. Time spent in prayer might be temporal, but has eternal value. May we taste and see the fruit for many years to come!

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