Community on a Mission Reclaims Youth Day

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Youth Day, 16th June, is a day that is very pivotal to South African history, and has picked up an unsavoury reputation in many communities over the years, the further away we move from 1976.

Our community on a mission took to the streets of Mamelodi East and brought a fresh new perspective about Youth Day to two communities in this area.

We mobilised outreach teams into the streets of two communities in Mamelodi East, touching the lives of many, and stirring within them a hunger for Christ through simple acts of service.

Twenty people signed up for the Evangelical Outreach to Berakah Education Foundation (an Early Childhood Development Centre that prepares pre-schoolers for primary school), in Lusaka, Mamelodi East. The general sense for the day was that of the story of Zacchaeus the tax collector, who was hated by his community because of his corruption and extortion. But when Jesus went to Zacchaeus’ home town, He picked him out of the crowd and went to visit at him in his home.

Our hope was that we too could walk with Jesus into people’s homes and communicate His love and concern for them.

We split the group into different teams, and had the tremendous privilege of visiting and ministering to the Berakah staff members in their homes. Each staff member then took their respective team to the home of a child they teach. They were able to minister to them, their families and even some of the neighbours. These times of ministry were gentle, discreet and unpretentious.


We hadn’t realised how deeply God was at work that day, until the testimonies started to reach us the following week.

These included a man whose leg was healed after the teams prayed for him. And another of a son returning home (after years of having gone missing), the day after the teams prayed for the family.

One of the Berakah senior staff members expressed how thrilled she was that 16th June was now God’s day, and not just a day for youth to get drunk and make the township unsafe. She said that our group of volunteers had helped change her perception of the day.

The staff members and families have told Berakah’s CEO that they want Jesus to come back to their community,
because He came and visited them in their homes. There are even discussions, amongst the staff and community members affiliated with Berakah, of having an open church gathering on the Berakah premises on a monthly basis.

It is clear that if we are willing to be the hands, feet and even mouthpieces of Jesus, going where He leads us, we will see Jesus manifest His kingdom and power in families and communities.

The Practical Outreach at the Viva Village in Alaska, Mamelodi, was so well attended that we had to send a bus to transport nearly forty volunteers who joined us on the day. Our group of volunteers helped facilitate Viva’s annual Youth Day & Art Festival. This entailed cooking for the community, painting classrooms and setting up the sound equipment for the Viva’s Got Talent Show.


The volunteers expressed how much they enjoyed playing with the local children; how inspiring it was to see local youth stepping up to boldly display their talent, and how much fun it was to serve practically by painting- and cooking for the community. Many of them said this was their first or second outreach, but definitely NOT their last.

We are very excited to say that both outreaches were a great joy and are already producing fruit.

We all need an outlet to express the love, truth and grace of Jesus. If you feel a stirring in your heart to be a part of showing God’s love in action to those in need, Hatfield’s Impact Mobilization Division facilitates two Local Outreaches every month, one Practical and one Evangelical that both take place on the same day.

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