Buried life – A Romans 8 inspired poem

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Written By Liezahn van der Walt

The dark clouds of sin and death 

Lie thick over man’s every breath.

With sweat and tears we strive

To build a life from which meaning we can derive.

And yet the harder we aim for freedom and light,

The weaker we become as our carnal nature wins the fight.

Our struggling humanity stumbles in the darkness where life is all about self,

Seldom do we dare to tread near the path where into God’s nature we can delve.

Are we not, for many a moment in life, so caught up in our own timid and limited ways

That we cannot even pray with coherent a word to the One that created all our days?

Do not our spirits ache and yearn for something so Magnificent to return?

Weakened in our waiting, all we seem capable of is to sigh and groan 

We struggle through this ‘do-it-yourself’ life

Dead to knowing who we truly are…


And yet, from the grave He arose so that man can be freed from a life of death

And the tongue of fire came into our very being, releasing the shackles that held our breath

For as He did with our Lord whom we praise

So too will He raise

again our true self from its… buried life.

On the days when our prayers are silent and over life we do fuss,

It is the White Dove that intercedes for us

From the predestined start of it all,

He knew the very names He would call.

Within their hearts His ways are established,

And through their days He covers the ones who are cherished.

They are glorified and He is magnified!


Is this not the fantastic upon which we stand?

Is this not evidence that the King alive, holds everything in His hand?

If this is where our focus lies, what on Earth can have louder cries?

With this power living in us – what or who would even dare?

How do you think their stand against us would fare?

For, through Him, we are more than conquerors

And nothing,


Can separate us from Him…

From Love!

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