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God’s desire remains to be our God, and for us to be His people.

The 2016 Week of Prayer and Fasting was an incredible time of refocusing our whole beings on God. One of the prayers that stood out was, ‘Lord, we do not want to work for You anymore, we want to work with You! We may not know what lies ahead on this journey, but we know Who we are going with.’

This is also Impact Mobilisation’s prayer. There’s much to do in different areas like outreaches, missions training, volunteering, networking, influencing the workplace, and reaching the world through our community ministries and missionaries. But we do not want to do anything out of habit or just because of the overwhelming needs – we want to move on His instruction only.

Jesus’ first miracle, when He turned water into wine at a wedding, is recorded in John 2. In Verse 5 Mary (Jesus’ mother) instructs the servants to do whatever He tells them to do. Just imagine their curiosity and the eager expectation with which they looked at Him and waited for His instruction. When the word was given, they surely still didn’t anticipate the miracle. They simply obeyed. The miracle was not their doing, but it needed their obedience to come to fruition.

They couldn’t do anything to make it happen or hasten it, but their hands carried it into the wedding feast, one full clay pot at a time!

So as a mobilised church family we wait for, listen to and obey God’s instructions. What we do in our community, city and the nations will flow from a position of doing whatever He tells us to. The outflow will be wine for those at the wedding – meeting the needs of those to whom we minister.

Join us as we wait in anticipation to see how the Lord wants to partner with us in doing great miracles! | 012 368 2472

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