Ask, and it shall be given

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Written By Nicole Wood

Even when you can’t hear God, He hears you.

I’ve lately gone through a period where it was difficult for me to hear anything from God. I started questioning whether I wasn’t spending enough time with Him (which was also true) and tried to understand why I wasn’t hearing anything….

I started to realize though that I can still voice my prayers to Him, even if I don’t tangibly feel His presence, even if I doubt and feel unsure if He has heard me.

God wants us to ask. He wants to hear us call on Him:

Song of Solomon 8:13 (NLT): “Oh my darling, lingering in the gardens, your companions are fortunate to hear your voice. Let me hear it, too!”

There are so many examples in the Gospels of the sick and the blind calling to Jesus, asking Him to heal them, and He so often answers with: “What do you want me to do for you?”

It’s not that He doesn’t know what it is. It’s that you need to voice the words. You need to hear your own prayer. You need to admit your reliance on Him! This builds our faith!

I’ve had a prayer journal since I was young. Whenever I feel that God isn’t listening or whenever I don’t hear His voice, or I feel my faith start to waver, I just need to read through my old prayers and astonishingly realize how He has answered almost all of them! Not always in the way I want, but yet, answered in a way that I can realize He is working everything out towards my good.

So may I encourage you to start writing even if you aren’t hearing anything. Put your prayers to paper. Years later, when you have long forgotten those prayers, you will be amazed to read them and realize how God has worked in your life! He is faithful! And He loves to hear his children ask Him.

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