Are you offended?

Are you offended?

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By: Maretha Retief

People hurt us. Some times more than others. There may be times where we are the ones causing the pain. But when we find ourselves on the receiving end of the pain, who do we question?

Do we doubt God’s goodness or do we keep our perspective and see the situation for what it is? As a child of God, nothing about our lives goes unnoticed before God. He knows about every little detail that comes our way, how respond, and the ultimate outcome and effect on our lives, and yet, He still allows some things to happen. What do you make of that? Do you blame Him for allowing certain pain to cross your path or do you believe that your current circumstance is not an obstacle but a stepping stone for God to lift you to a higher place?

When John the Baptist was imprisoned, he sent word to Jesus to find out if He was ‘the One who was to come…’. Included in Jesus’ response was the applause ‘blessed (happy, fortunate, and to be envied) is he who takes no offense at Me and finds no cause for stumbling in or through Me and is not hindered from seeing the Truth.’ (Matthew 11:6 AMPC)

John was born to make the way for Jesus and he never stumbled at the persecution he faced because he knew it was all for the purpose of Jesus. I have no doubt that even John must have had moments where he would have liked to have asked Jesus, ‘Can this be?’; ‘Am I really to go through all of this?’; ‘Where is the good in what is happening to me?’ Yet, he never stopped being obedient and he never took offense to Jesus, no matter what was required of him for the purpose of making a way for Jesus’ Kingdom to come.

We all may face moments where we are challenged with the reality that we may not understand God as we observe His ways being higher than ours. And it is in those moments where we should strive to live up to the words, ‘blessed are you who take no offense at Jesus’.

Even when you face a situation where you feel that God has not lived up to your expectations, ‘blessed are you who take no offense at Jesus’.

How do we do this? By keeping our faith in Jesus and not in His ways. We should not be asking God all the ‘why’ questions all the time, but we should be asking ourselves, ‘Am I willing to follow God, even when I do not understand Him?’

When you find yourself in a situation where you are deprived of love, appreciation or fairness and it just feels too hard to deal with, ‘Will you still follow Jesus?’

Always remember this: as you find yourself in hard and incomprehensible moments where nothing makes sense and you cannot bear the pain, God knows and you are not alone, ‘Blessed are you who take no offense at Jesus’.

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