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When a person speaks, there is a unique quality to the sound he or she makes, known as ‘timbre’. In the same way young Samuel in the Bible did, we can learn to distinguish the timbre of God’s voice from the myriad of sounds that surround us each day.

The first cut

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Self-harm and specifically cutting is a disturbing tendency – a growing addiction. Through caring counsellors God touches shattered lives and restores broken people to wholeness. Stories that spill from healing hearts are shared to bring hope to those suffering, and ultimately to glorify God.

A Christmas letter

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A heartfelt letter to Father God expressing our church family’s gratitude and adoration for the magnificent gift of Jesus – Light of our lives, Joy of our hearts, Hope of our world!

Prayer – what’s it to you?

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Prayer evokes a wide range of responses, from seeing it as an opportunity to commune with God and spending time in solitude, to simply fulfilling a spiritual obligation or acquiring heavenly insurance. It really boils down to a subjective experience of an objective reality – talking to the living God! So what’s it to you?

Jesus in a T-shirt

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If we seek Jesus with earnest hearts, we might be amazed at how He draws near when we reach out to Him. Anèst du Plessis, personal assistant at HCC, shares her very real encounter with Jesus after surgery.

Life lessons from the garden

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Life and its complexities often don’t make sense until we go back to the basics. Out of all the places in which God could’ve put the first humans, He chose a garden. Many valuable life lessons can be learnt from horticulture, and spending time in a beautiful garden brings healing to body and soul.