It’s just a season

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We need godly wisdom to make the most of every season in life, whether it’s preparing for the next or flourishing to the full where we’re at.

How did Jesus pray?

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Desire for independence separated man from God. Jesus, through prayer, modelled what He came to restore – the privilege to fellowship with the Father.

Courage and honour

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Courage and honour are highly esteemed qualities portrayed by many famous movie and Bible characters. Knowing our position in Christ and cultivating the fruit of the Spirit make us courageous followers who honour God.

Guilt – an underrated emotion

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Guilt was never intended to be a negative emotion. It’s meant to act as a soul receptor warning us when something is not right. It warns us to change our behaviour in order to stop the sensation of pain in the soul. We can all benefit from good old-fashioned Bible-based guilt.

The fun in making memories

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While doing life to the best of our ability, we’re not always aware that we’re also making memories. It’s only when we look back over time, that remembrance can stir such great gratitude.

Why worry?

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Why worry? In the Gospels Jesus ensures His followers that the Father knows what we need and that we can rest assured in His provision.


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When a person speaks, there is a unique quality to the sound he or she makes, known as ‘timbre’. In the same way young Samuel in the Bible did, we can learn to distinguish the timbre of God’s voice from the myriad of sounds that surround us each day.